The Thorn is a visually dynamic and heart-stirring theatrical portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not your average Passion play, The Thorn combines martial arts, aerial acrobatics and emotionally powerful performances that have been engaging audiences across the US for over 20 years. To help bring this timeless story to life, The Thorn recruits large-scale casts of professional and volunteer performers who share in the heart of The Thorn. By joining local casts and a national touring team, we invite the world to engage with the ultimate story of love, sacrifice and redemption.


In 1997, while working as youth pastors in Colorado Springs, John and Sarah Bolin created The Thorn as a way to communicate to students the importance of their everyday choices and their value to God. Designed to be an interactive, relevant retelling of the meta-narrative of the Bible, The Thorn was originally performed to a small audience of high school students.

Over the next 15 years, The Thorn continued to grow, with casts of hundreds playing to crowds of 20,000 plus. Each year more than 40 professional and volunteer cast and crew join The Thorn to take the show on the road. In each city, the touring cast and crew is joined by hundreds of local actors and artists to bring the story of The Thorn to life.




At the very heart of the Thorn is our desire to awaken people to the reality of God’s love.

Sharing the Story of Redemption in ways that are fresh, visceral and exciting, we long to create an atmosphere of freedom which motivates our audience to explore questions of faith and turn their lives towards The Savior.  By inspiring, championing and equipping young creative leaders, we continue to innovate the standard of creative excellence that is visible and effective through our live performances.


As a production company, we are deeply inspired by the love that Jesus has for those who are lost, forgotten, and hurting.  It is impossible for us to tell his story without seeing him protecting and providing for those in need at nearly every turn.  Compassion International provides us a way to reach out and personally offer this kind of love to children in need today.  Our partnership with Compassion International turns the message of The Thorn into a living, breathing and active ministry.