How long is the show?

The show runs 2 hours and 30 minutes including an intermission.

Is the show appropriate for children?

Over 12, absolutely. The show was originally designed for teenagers so is appropriate for anyone 12 and over. Over the years, we have worked to make the show more family-friendly as our audience has evolved to include younger children and families. The show is loud, has graphic content (specifically the crucifixion) and is an intense subject. That said, we have countless younger attendees that have an amazing experience, ages 6 and up. If you are planning on bringing children, the potentially questionable portion of the show is the 30 minutes after intermission. The first hour and the last 45 minutes are all-ages enjoyable.

Is there an Intermission?

Yes, about one hour into the show, there is a 15 minute intermission.

Help! I can't find my tickets!

1. Start by looking here: https://www.eventbrite.com/gettickets  Click on Help and enter your email.

2. If you didn't create an account and purchased as a guest, check your emails. There should be a confirmation email with your tickets attached from orders@eventbrite.com

3. If you still can't find them, please email us at heythere@faithevents.com or call us at  877-234-3847 and we will try to help you find them.

4. If it's almost showtime, just head to the church! We'll help you figure it out at the Box Office on site. Don't miss the show!

Are there discounts for big groups?

Yes! Absolutely! For orders of 10 or more please use the discount code GROUPS and enter that where you see "Enter Promotional Code" at the top of the Tickets selection box. 

Is there Handicapped Seating available?

Yes. Every venue has wheelchair and handicapped seating available. Please email us once you've purchased seating to let us know what accommodation you are needing. Email info@thethorn.net

Is there ASL available at the shows?

If ASL is being offered in your city, you will see a note on the day in which we have secured an interpreter. Please purchase tickets by selecting "ASL" so we have a better idea of how many people to expect and can hold seats for you.

Are there refunds or exchanges?

Generally, there are no refunds and exchanges. However, in certain circumstances we can work with you to switch show nights or sections if there is availability and time.  Please email us at heythere@faithevents.com

Can my child sit on my lap?

First, please see the answer above on child age-appropriateness. If you are still bringing a young child and they are 5 and under and could sit on your lap, you do not need a ticket for that child.

I have additional questions.

Email us at info@thethorn.net.